Thursday, October 05, 2006

Maybe this time...

Ok, so this is now my second blog entry ever... and ive already given up on my old blog. It turns out that when i made my first blog, my friend and i had this GREAT idea for the name of the blog... but i couldnt remember what it was. So i entered which was WRONG! It wasnt until i spoke with Lianna that i realized my error. So ive made this new blog!! Get it!? Its like... im... a baggins... from the Hobbit or something! ahahaha! Kills me. Anyway! Im just gonna post my first painting again. Its an homage to one of my favorite artist, Bill Watterson, one of the geniuses of our age.

Keep your wide eyes wide wide open for updates YA!



Blogger Lianna said...

Hooray for Timbo Bloggins! I know I already told you this, but awesome paintings! Can't wait to see more!

9:39 AM  

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