Friday, March 02, 2007

the predatory wasp of the palisades is out to get us!

I remember at the beginning of this school year when i was so optimistic and bright eyed... i seriously thought i was going to be able to update this blog at least a couple times a week. Little did i know of just how time consuming the process of making my own film would be. It didn't take long into this semester for stuff like this blog to be pushed to the back of my priorities. Oh well! Here are some set dressings from my film! Hopefully these digital morsels will sustain you for the rest of the cold analogue winter. Or at least until i get my film done.
Well... thats enough time on the internet... back to work!


Friday, January 26, 2007

hola mi amigos mas favoritos!

Hey Hey!

So this past summer I was given an opertunity to do a short job for a studio in toronto called Big. I was to join a fellow classmate (Bora Moon) and help her make a music video for a band called Turbina. Anyway, long story short, I worked with Bora a little bit on the story boards although realistically, she did all the story boards while i worked on modeling the robot characters (yes... more robots. because robots are AWESOME!). At the end of the summer, Bora and I had to leave to go back to school and the video (texturing, rigging, animation) was still unfinished. But we just recieved word from Big that the video has been completed. So here it is! Hope you enjoy it!


Sunday, January 21, 2007

did i mention that im the premier Proust scholar in America?

Hey! I know its been a good long while since ive posted anything here. Thats only because ive been so busy at the school working on my film... that i have hardly had time to even think of my blog. And truthfully... the stage that im at in production doesnt really lend itself to me posting anything that you might find interesting. But i FINALLY have something cool to show you guys! This is the very first scene of my film re-animated, textured, light, and rendered! My intention was to have this and call it the final render of this scene... but i have already seen things that i need to fix. So this is in the process of being rerendered... which takes a LOOOONG time! But in the mean time, i can show you this! If theres anyone left who actually checks out my blog, i hope you enjoy this!

And that means recess, y'all!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

damn it! i told you to SPARKLE!


So ten days since my last post... what can i say? Ive been taking it easy i guess. Oh well! Its CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS! I can afford to relax for a bit.
So here they are! These are the first renderings from my film! The first result of my texturing and lighting. All of the texture maps, bump maps, reflection maps, and transparency maps were painted by me in Open Canvas! Im gonna try to have most of my sets textured and lit by the end of the holidays. These renderings are from the subway/train station. The bottom two are the closest to the final product out of all of them. The rest are explorations to get to that final result. In the close up of the wall, you can see the changes i fooled around with in the tile floor. I plugged a "ramp" into the reflection output of the floor shader to make the floor most reflective when viewed at certain angles... its supposed to simulate the resinol effect that you sometimes see on certain surfaces.. i think i spelled that wrong... maybe. There are other things that i fiddled around with... but i dont want to bore you guys too much.

Look out for a more complete rendering!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

I blame you, Chakotay! But never Janeway... sweet sweet Janeway.

Story Revisions are like and old fling. She drops by every once in a while, calls you out of the blue, wants to go out for coffee (maybe even a couple of drinks). And even though last time we swore WOULD be the last time, they still manage to make us forget why we hated doing them in the first place. Then you wake up the next morning with a head ache, dirty sheets, and a strong urge to shower. While Story Revision cooks up eggs with a big grin on her face and your dignity in her back pocket.

So here it is! The final cut of my leica reel. There's some test animations thrown in here... rest assured that they will be beaten to death and eventually look like GOOD animation!

Anyway... im off to get some food... and think about the next 4 months of full-on production that now lay ahead of me!


Friday, December 08, 2006

you dont scare me

Hey! So i know its been a while since i posted anything... and its been even longer since i posted anything related to my film. I ran into a few... problems... here and there. My stupid hard drive crashed on me... which almost caused me to lose a months worth of work. Lucky for me, my roommate is VERY good with computers and was able to recover my project files. Anyway... a week or so later, i was finally able to get back to work on my film. And here is the result!


Monday, November 27, 2006

you move so fast like a psychopathic colour tv


After what feels like an eternity working on my literature essay, im FINALLY done! I wish I could express to you guys just how frustrating the past week was working on this essay while my film got put on the backburner. Maybe now I can actually start to create fresh new art for my film again! WOOT!

Alright! I gotta go, there's a bad MoFo trying to come down my chimney!