Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A little rusty. haHA!

Ahhhh puns... they slay me.

Well... first day back from Thanksgiving... and it went horrible! Life Drawing kinda sucked... and Literature was... well... i went in hoping to get some story boarding done... but that didnt really happen. In the end i guess my day wasnt that bad. I got to hang out with Steph after school... and we had a good supper and watched a good movie. So it was actually a really good day. Hope your day went well too!

Heres another concept painting for my film! Enjoy.



Blogger AJ & Andrew said...

Hi Timbo. 3 things:

1) I really love this painting
2) Sorry I missed you at Thanksgiving
3) I totally bragged about you on my blog, because I don't have any talents of my own to brag about

later chief!

5:12 AM  

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