Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Say "YES!" to Quebec!

Just a little break from robots for the moment. Steph leaves tomorrow to go back to Quebec. Its been a wonderful month having her here... but i suppose her going back home will be good for both of us. She'll be able to work on her music, and i will be able to concentrate on my film. Plus ill still get to see her for our birthday (day... not days) and christmas and all that. So we should be just fine.

I digress... in honor of my wonderful girlfriend and the time we've had together this month, i will post a painting i did of her. Hope you like it!!



Blogger your friends in Japan said...


I'm glad things went so well with you having Steph there this past month. It's cool you got to spend that time together, and I'm sure you'll both be just fine until your birthday. It'll just make your birthday all the more special this year.
Anyway really nice robots. They're so run-down, in a cute and lovable way. Like scruffy looking puppies.


9:54 AM  

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