Thursday, October 26, 2006

the tallest man, the broadest shoulders

Just one of my life drawings. Ill probably post a few of them here and there... every now and then.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tonight, I told a group of people "Don't stop believe" then I quietly said "Hold on to that feeling."

2:52 AM  
Blogger your friends in Japan said...

Oh, Aaron Wyatt, I miss having sentimental moments with you.

I likes yer drawins TIM. Yous a reaaaal good painting man!!!
That's awesome that you went to Quebec. It's one of the sweeeetest places in Canada - that's what I tell all my students: Go to Vancouver and Quebec.
I also miss Stephanie. Especially how I never got to meet her.
Well...some day (as the legends have foretold) I'll return to the land where the sun goes after it rises here.


3:17 AM  
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