Friday, January 26, 2007

hola mi amigos mas favoritos!

Hey Hey!

So this past summer I was given an opertunity to do a short job for a studio in toronto called Big. I was to join a fellow classmate (Bora Moon) and help her make a music video for a band called Turbina. Anyway, long story short, I worked with Bora a little bit on the story boards although realistically, she did all the story boards while i worked on modeling the robot characters (yes... more robots. because robots are AWESOME!). At the end of the summer, Bora and I had to leave to go back to school and the video (texturing, rigging, animation) was still unfinished. But we just recieved word from Big that the video has been completed. So here it is! Hope you enjoy it!


Sunday, January 21, 2007

did i mention that im the premier Proust scholar in America?

Hey! I know its been a good long while since ive posted anything here. Thats only because ive been so busy at the school working on my film... that i have hardly had time to even think of my blog. And truthfully... the stage that im at in production doesnt really lend itself to me posting anything that you might find interesting. But i FINALLY have something cool to show you guys! This is the very first scene of my film re-animated, textured, light, and rendered! My intention was to have this and call it the final render of this scene... but i have already seen things that i need to fix. So this is in the process of being rerendered... which takes a LOOOONG time! But in the mean time, i can show you this! If theres anyone left who actually checks out my blog, i hope you enjoy this!

And that means recess, y'all!