Monday, November 27, 2006

you move so fast like a psychopathic colour tv


After what feels like an eternity working on my literature essay, im FINALLY done! I wish I could express to you guys just how frustrating the past week was working on this essay while my film got put on the backburner. Maybe now I can actually start to create fresh new art for my film again! WOOT!

Alright! I gotta go, there's a bad MoFo trying to come down my chimney!

Friday, November 24, 2006

get behind me, santa

Hey! So I finally got around to photographing my more recent life drawings. No more life drawings from 2 months ago. These ones are... NEW! I also included a photo of me in front of my display case in the animation hallway! As you can tell from the look on my face, I’m TOTALLY psyched about having my own display case. I actually am really excited... I have no idea why I look so apathetic there.

I gotta go, the mayor wants to rap with me about some things.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

is the joy that he will carry to the door

Hey! So... the first night that i was in Quebec, we went to this chic bar to see a Portishead cover band. They were pretty cool, and on the train ride home i decided to try to do some drawings of the band. I originally intended to make this a 3 part painting: one of the singer, one of the guitarist and one of the keyboard player. Then when the 3 paintings were done i could put them together and... i dunno... maybe it'd be cool or something. But so far im only happy with the Singer... so i might just leave it at that. Or if i get time to do the others... i might... i dont know. I know this doesnt have anything to do with my film... but today was kinda stressful. So when i got home... i really just wanted to do something for fun.

The anatomy is botched to hell... and i dont remember if she was actually wearing hooker boots... i dont think she was... but oh well. Its just for fun.

Since variety is the spice of life, this painting comes in two styles! One has a BG thats intended to imitate the misty atmosphere of the bar. The other has a BG that is simply a solid colour (perhaps to be a bit more graphical... i dunno)

Anyway, im off to procrastinate more on my Literature essay!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

i maed you sum cookees... but i eated them

Hey! So its been another long while since i posted anything... and the reason for that is that ive been in Quebec for the past few days. So ive been away from my art... and my ability to make it digital. The only stuff ive got thats new is the models that ive been making for my film... but thats probably pretty boring for you guys... so they can wait till later.
In the mean time... i guess ill just post an old life drawing. This is another life drawing from the beggining of the year. Its not that great... but hey... its something i guess!

Watch out for later when i post more stuff.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

farmers feed cities

Hey! So i spent all day at the Royal Winter Fair today! For those of you that dont know, I go there every year with my class mates to draw animals. So you might think... "why not post one of the drawings i did at the fair?" And to that i say "NEVER!" Well... maybe tomorrow... or something. Just chill out! I need to scan them still... and that takes time.

Instead! Tonight im just posting another concept painting! ENJOY!

Dont stop thinking about tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

No Man's Land

Hey! I am currently suffering from MASSIVE heart burn... so i will be brief. This is another concept painting for my film. The goal of this painting was to explore mood and texture that i hope to achieve in my film. Im pretty happy with how it looks... so i hope im able to translate this mood into 3D.
I did this painting entirely in Open Canvas v.4.03. For those of you that dont know, Open Canvas is a GREAT digital painting program that i like to use instead of Photoshop. You can go to the open canvas site and download a free trial! I would recommend that anyone who enjoys to paint, check out the program. I think youll find it to be far more fluid and painterly than Photoshop.

Till next time,
Keep your eyes on the sky!

Monday, November 06, 2006

cross when it's green, not inbetween

words to live by

Hey! so this is just another concept painting for my film!
Thanks to anyone who commented on my lecia reel! I just want to add that if there is any constructive criticism you can add, please do so! If theres anything that doesnt read perfectly well, please dont be afraid to tell me!

the end.

Friday, November 03, 2006

youre not writing any of this down!

Hey! So just as i promised... i have a new draft of my leica reel with rough sound. Its not finished yet... but after spending all day on Pro Tools... my mind was numb... and i was ready go home. Anyway... probably by monday ill have a more complete version... and ill post that one too!

Well... thats all for now.
Stay away from my mail!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Maybe he's a shaman or a wizard?

Hey! So here is the second cut of my Leica reel. Its still fairly rough. Some of the storyboards didnt scan too well... so thats why theyre so jaggedy. Also, i havent added the soundtrack yet... so its still silent. Sound is my job for tomorrow, so hopefully i will have a new cut with sound posted by tomorrow night.

If anyone is interested, here is the link to the first cut of my leica reel:
But be warned, its even rougher than the second cut.

Shut up, Mats.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

warmin' my feets

S'up Kids!

Hey... i dont really have anything new to say... Here's another one of my life drawings. I dunno... i did it closer to the beginning of this year. This is a 5 minute drawing... and it was one of my earlier attemps with colour... and i guess it worked out. My life drawing teacher seemed to really like it. So i hope you do too!